There is absolutely no room for error when it comes to general aviation aircraft systems, commercial aircraft, military and defense aircraft including helicopters and support equipment. We guarantee all our custom gear and spline manufacturing follows ISO 9001:2008 and Aerospace AS 9100B: 2004 Rev C guidelines and even measure to Japanese JIS standards and German Standards when needed More

Outer Space

In early 2013, NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Curiosity Rover became the first robot ever to drill into the surface of Mars, penetrating the sedimentary bedrock to find evidence of wet environmental conditions from many centuries ago. Over 70 gears produced and manufactured by Forest City Gear helped actuate Curiosity’s mobility systems and the robotic arm responsible for all critical drilling operations. More


To keep your transportation applications up and running profitably, reliably, and economically, we annually invest 25 to 40 percent of our gross revenue back into highly productive new equipment, such as the Kapp Form Gear Grinder. More

Medical & Dental

Our high precision gears are manufactured with uncompromising care and attention to detail—perfect for medical applications such as blood pumps, kidney dialysis equipment, CT scanners, X-Ray machines, and artificial limbs like the Utah Arm by Motion Control. More


When it comes to gears for off-highway equipment, strength, durability, and reliability take on a whole new meaning. Some of the world's largest and toughest equipment falls into this category, but being large and tough doesn't mean that producing gears to exacting specifications is any less important. More


We are proud to support the men and women of our armed forces. We believe they deserve the most accurate,reliable and robust equipment and weaponry available to any fighting force. More


When it comes to serious fun, the recreation industry turns to Forest City Gear to produce the precision components necessary to guarantee a good time. With our gears, ATV’s can handle more rugged terrain, motorcycles rev higher, paintball battles are more intense, and fishing reels spin more smoothly. More

Food & Packaging

Other industrial gears may not seem so critical, but the worm gears we make for the burger cookers at fast food restaurants keep that line moving at lunch time. More


From giant industrial robots performing complex yet repetitive tasks to highly specialized robots drilling through the surface of Mars, Forest City Gear is trusted to produce the specialized gears for these revolutionary machines. More