There is absolutely no room for error when it comes to general aviation aircraft systems, commercial aircraft, military and defense aircraft (including helicopters and support equipment). We guarantee that all our custom gear and spline manufacturing follows ISO 9001:2008 and Aerospace AS 9100B:2004 Rev C guidelines — even Japanese JIS standards and German Standards when needed.

We use the newest equipment, technology, and inspection processes—coupled with continued education and training of our workers—to provide all our customers with extreme accuracy, reliability, and consistency.

Our gear shaping department is among the most modern and productive of its kind. With our Gleason 300 and 500 ES Shapers, we offer a unique electronic guide capability that allows us to perform several advanced shaping operations more economically and accurately, including lead crown correction, as well as minimizing index variation with direct drive motors.

So it's no wonder many of the leading commercial and leading aerospace manufacturers around the world, like Rolls-Royce, MOOG, UTC Aerospace Systems, and Beechcraft come to us with their most challenging and ambitious gear projects, such as:

  • Piston-powered aircraft, turbine-level commercial planes, next-generation fighter jets
  • Main fuel controls
  • Engine oil pumps
  • Door mechanisms
  • Flight controls
  • Weapons targeting
  • Winches
  • Baggage handling equipment