Forest City Gear has hired Keith Liston as Director of Sales to help meet the growing demands of its wide and diverse customer base throughout the world’s gear-making industries.

Mr. Liston was formerly Vice President of Sales for Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation and brings over 30 years of sales experience in the gear industries and a deep familiarity with all facets of inside and outside sales and customer service.   The opportunity to apply this sales experience in conjunction with Forest City Gear’s renowned gear production expertise was the perfect fit, according to Forest City Gear President and CEO Wendy Young.

“While Forest City Gear is a household name in many of its core markets, there’s significant untapped growth potential, particularly when you consider all that the company has to offer its customers,” says Ms. Young.  “With Keith, we’ll concentrate on strengthening existing customer relationships and on building new ones in the industries where we see significant growth potential.”

Since 1955, Roscoe, IL based, family-owned Forest City Gear has been one of the gear industry’s leading sources for the development, manufacture and inspection of the highest quality gears, for use in applications that range from medical devices to motorcycles, airplanes to automation, even including the Mars Curiosity Rover.