Different customers have different parts requirements. Gear shaping uses a reciprocating cutter motion that allows gear and spline features to be generated externally and internally, removing or skipping a tooth if required. We have achieved qualities of AGMA 12 and better, which is far better than what the older gear shapers produce. Our shapers can make face gears and couplings with excellent spacing produced by distinctive motors.

We can generate gear and spline features against shoulders with limited clearance for the cutting tool, and in an internal configuration with a blind hole(s). The latter is an example of a broaching tool not being able to pass through.

We use gear shaping for spur gears and splines, helical gears and involute and straight-sided splines, single keyways, and for feature alignments to gear and spline features. Forest City Gear is especially adept at maintaining very precise alignments between a tooth or space to another part feature, such as a keyway or cross hole, to 0.001" or less.

We have a variety of machines available for gear shaping, including:

  • Gleason P300
  • Gleason 300GP
  • Gleason P500
  • Gleason 500GP
  • Bourn and Koch MS450
  • Mitsubishi ST-40
  • Mitsubishi ST-25

All of our gear shaping machines offer a variety of advantages. Accuracy while maintaining a superior speed allows us to use the technology available in cutter base material and tool coatings. Their direct-drive table and cutter axes eliminate backlash radial positioning. Additional advantages:

  • Radial crowning to achieve root crown modification
  • Flank modification through electronic guide
  • Electronic guide for guideless helical shaping
  • Facegear shaping capabilities