Gear grinding is typically utilized as a finishing process that uses a vitrified or pre-formed diamond plated wheel (CBN). This allows for extremely high-accuracy grinding of the gear and spline forms.

Forest City Gear's form grinders offer Master Gear Quality for single and multi-thread worms, yielding the most accurate worms gear sets available in the U.S. These machines are capable of handling heavily modified profiles and crowned teeth to 500mm diameter and shafts to a meter in length. For spur and helical gears, we have ground master gears as fine as 80DP, from solid or finished gears achieving qualities as high as AGMA 14 or 15 (DIN 2-3) on all parameters, and even better occasionally.

The form grinder machines we have here include the Kapp VUS55, the Samputensili RI375, and Hofler Helix SK 400. We have internal and external gear grinding capability using CBN and vitrified grinding wheels. These machines can also grind rotor, ball screw, and thread forms.

For higher production volumes, we can grind at ultra-fast cycle times and maintain superior quality using our generating gear grinding machines. This is accomplished by using our twin spindle capability to maximize cut time. We have a Reishauer RZ160 Dual spindle with Felsomat FRC600 loader and a Samputensili 400 single spindle machine in house for multi-thread generative grinding.