Learning More to Heighten Productivity

Simply buying new machines is not enough to gain a critical edge unless equipment purchases are supplemented with employee training, so they have the knowledge to utilize the equipment to its fullest capacity.

We send our set-up technicians to many gear schools offered by Gleason, Koepfer, the AGMA's hands-on school and the Universal Technical Systems (UTS) gear engineering courses. In fact, Gleason, Koepfer and UTS bring their schools to Forest City Gear to experience what we believe is the most modern custom gear-producing facility in the world in the sizes and types of gears we manufacture.

Forest City Gear not only actively promotes careers in manufacturing through local schools and colleges, but also offers extensive in-house training, cross training and mentoring programs that teach the employees to understand all data analysis completely and thoroughly.

Employee training motivates technicians to learn more and heightens productivity. Forest City Gear employees are educated in reading and understanding technical graphs & charts – our in-house mentoring program provides exposure to analytical interpretation. Our interactive mentoring is useful for both the teacher and the student. Additionally, our entire team is given the opportunity to attend the bi-annual International Manufacturing Technology Show. At IMTS, employees are exposed to the upper echelons of technical innovation and are given the chance to cross pollinate knowledge. Continuous training improves our employees' understanding and knowledge base, increases their exposure to technology and advances their technical capabilities – all of which benefit our customers, as well as our company.