It’s a jungle out there. And when it comes to operational work, only the fit survive. That’s why we’ve created our FCG Special Ops. Our elite Gear Team 6 is targeting operational work – and performing ‘cut teeth only’ missions faster and more efficiently. Consider the advantages of having FCG Special Ops make your gears to part print:

• We’re armed to the teeth: We operate one of the most modern and productive gear shops in the world, with the most advanced gear hobbers, shapers, grinders and inspection equipment – and the skilled people to operate them.

• We’ve got great intelligence assets: We combine these production and inspection technologies with a hard-won base of knowledge to find better ways to produce our customers’ gears.

• We strike faster and more accurately: We react faster with our quick-response teams and faster, more accurate manufacturing resources. We’ll hit your targets before they move out of range.

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